May Beauty Favorites!!

Heavy on the skincare, glow, and lashes!!

With Summer practically here, my beauty routine deeply focuses on flawless glowy skin AND extreme lashes!! I discovered some new staples and fell back in love with some old favorites!

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Cane and Austin Miracle Pads – MY SKIN SAVING SUPER HEROS!!

“A glycolic facial treatment clinically proven to exfoliate, even skin tone, support natural collagen, and visibly reduce the appearance of age spots. “

I’ve always struggled with skin texture and pores – I don’t know anyone that doesn’t. And what a pain it is!! Over the years, I’ve just tried to accept it as a part of my life ((and try to cover it up!)) That was until I discovered the Cane and Austin Miracle Pad! Literally, after FIVE days – I noticed a DRAMATIC difference in my skin’s texture!! These have made a permanent spot in both my morning and nighttime skincare routine!!

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My Sephora Spring Sale WISHLIST!!

I’ve been waiting for this since last November – the Sephora Spring sale!! The 15% off sale generally takes place every year some time in April! And I like to be prepared….

I’ve put together a collage of my wish list ((although it will have to be majorly cut down by the time the sale comes around – if I want to stay married…LOL)) and detailed the items below!! I also want to try a new concealer!! What do you babes recommend?!!

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The BEST Subscription Service EVER – SO CHOIX!!

Stop what you’re doing at this very moment and go sign up for a So Choix subscription – I’M SERIOUS!! This is THE subscription service I’ve been waiting for!! NO MORE CRAP BRANDS!! NO MORE RANDOM JUNK!!

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January 2017 Favorites!!

Hi babes!!

This month I discovered ((and REdiscovered)) so many amazing products! My January favorites consist of everything from new products to HG status makeup that I just can’t put down!!

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ExNatura Makeup Remover – Effective AND Affordable!

It’s not often that quality skincare products are both EFFECTIVE and AFFORDABLE. Well…let me introduce you to ExNatura – a 100% plant-based makeup remover! It is a high end makeup remover masked at a $8.99 price point! ExNatura easily removes all types of makeup including the toughest waterproof products and leaves behind no oily residue ((typically associated with petroleum-based removers)) leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean!


I find ExNatura to work just as good if not better at removing makeup than other high end products!

THE FORMULA: ExNatura is latin and means “from nature.” It is the foundation of the ingredient deck in the makeup remover, utilizing plant-based extracts; coconut, corn, grains, sugarcane and tree sap. Safe and gentle on your skin, this amazing makeup remover contains no parabens, toxins, carcinogens or fragrances ((YESSS!!!)) This even works well on removing stubborn eyelash glue ((you babes know the struggle!!)) As I dual cleanse, this is the first step in my nighttime skincare routine. After spritzing my face with ExNatura, I rub the product all over, including my closed eyes. After massaging it in, I rinse with warm water. I find that it removes most of my makeup but I always follow with my Epionce Lytic Gel Cleanser and then other nighttime serums/moisturizers.

THE PACKAGING: Not only do I love the effectiveness and price point – I LOVE that it’s housed in a spritz bottle! You can either spray the product on a cotton pad and remove your makeup that way OR ((like I’ve been doing)) you can spritz the remover right onto your face!

THE PRICE: 2oz of product retails for only $8.99!! It can be purchased directly from their site HERE!

FINAL THOUGHTS: This is definitely one of the best makeup removers I’ve used, and I’ve used a ton! It’s gentle, effective, and affordable! A definite winner in my book!!


**this product was sent to me courtesy of ExNatura for reviewing purposes, all opinions expressed are my own

Holiday Gift Set Guide | Lather

Hi babes!!

I can’t believe we are only a little over a month away from Christmas! There are SO many beauty holiday gift sets out right now that I thought I would create a ‘Holiday Gift Set Guide’ series that showcases some of my favorites!! These are the sets that are totally worth giving OR receiving 😉

lather holiday set

First up, we have some amazing and affordable body care options from Lather! Lather products are made with natural ingredients and pure essential oils – and are free from parabens, artificial colors/fragrances and perfume oils. They have TONS of holiday gift set offerings on their site, there’s definitely something for everyone! Let’s take a look at some of my favorites!

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Sephora Friends and Family Sale Wish List!!

Hi babes!!

My favorite time of the year is fast approaching – SEPHORA SALES!! The first one, the Friends and Family sale, is exclusive to those that are invited by a Sephora employee! I was lucky enough to be invited by one of my girlfriends to attend again this year! The sale is happening at the end of October so I’m trying my best to participate in my own no-buy until then! ((so far, so good!! EEK!!)) I thought I’d share with you my wish list!! I like to create a shopping cart on the app and stick to it so I don’t end up going ham at the sale ((it happens!!)) This list will change and be cut down ((if I want to stay married LOL)) throughout the month but this is my starting point!!

Let’s get to it!

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