NEW Marc Jacobs Bronzer – First Impressions and Comparison Swatches!!

Summer collections are coming in hot!! I’ve had my eye on a handful of the products from the new Marc Jacobs ‘coconut’ line! I’ve already purchased and reviewed the Dew Drops Coconut Highlighter and received a sample of the Re(cover) Perfecting Coconut Setting Mist, which I’m not a huge fan of – the mister is awful. I’m looking forward to the new glosses to hit Sephora as well! BUT!! I was most excited about the new ((and only limited edition item from the collection – weird)) bronzer! The O!Mega Bronze Coconut Perfect Tan in ‘104 Tan-Tastic’ is SO eye catching in the slim white packaging and promised coconut scent! I couldn’t find ANY comparison swatches of the new bronzer versus the original bronzer in ‘Tantric 102’!! So I made sure to include swatches of the two bronzers side by side along with my first impressions!

THE PACKAGING: SO SLEEK!! It has the same slim packaging as his contour duos and original bronzer, only in white! It has a large and nice quality mirror on the top portion of the compact with a nice snap closure!

THE SHADE: ‘104 Tan-Tastic’ is supposed to be universally flattering. It’s cooler in tone than the original ‘Tantric 102’. I think that the new shade is suitable for light to medium skin tones but may be too light for anymore much darker.

THE FORMULA: It swatches and feels so silky and smooth to the touch – identical to the original bronzer, which applies and blends like a dream on the face! It does have a coconut-ish scent, but more so smells beach-y ((the same scent as the Dew Drops)).

THE PRICE: $49.00 for 25g of product ((5 grams less than the original bronzer at 30 grams))

FINAL THOUGHTS: I’m a huge fan of all things Marc Jacobs Beauty! Although I have yet to wear this on the face, the formula is identical to the original bronzer which I know I love. Very smooth, very blendable, and very universal for light to medium skin tones. The white packaging, opposite of the normal black Marc Jacobs compacts, is so appealing and fresh! Though the price is high, it’s a beautiful piece to add to any collection!

*Left – 104 Tan-Tastic, Right – 102 Tantric*


7 thoughts on “NEW Marc Jacobs Bronzer – First Impressions and Comparison Swatches!!

  1. Oh dear- looks perfect for me- most bronzers are too warm for me- but I think it sold out online. Guess I’ll have to call customer service tomorrow to see if its available in stores.
    Thanks for the comparison swatches!

  2. New shade looks even better than previous one 🙂 I have so many bronzers but I’m putting this one on my WL

  3. Oh wow! I think I’m gonna take my mother in law into sephora today and get her this. She loves everything coconut!

  4. It is of no surprise that this is one of the products in his line that i was most exited about 😄. The packaging is to die for , but tge actual product itself is a dream not the mention the beautiful scent . Everytime i open it it takes me to places like the beach or an island 🌴. Great review katie honestly everyone should get this I’m eyeing the new lip glosses too his #lipglosses are really good.

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