Marc Jacobs Dew Drops – Coconut Gel Highlighter WITH SWATCHES!


“Instant Highlight. Golden Glow. Coconut Delight.”

I’m a HUGE fan of the Marc Jacobs Beauty line. Most of his products become STAPLES in my collection and every day makeup routine! Besides loving the brand, I LOVE liquid highlighters – so my hopes for this new product are high!

The Marc Jacobs Dew Drops – Coconut Gel Highlighter in ’50 Dew You?’ dropped for a sneak peek release last week, the full release I believe should be March 3rd. This stuff is literally liquid gold, definitely one of the prettiest gold liquid highlighters I’ve seen! This can be mixed in with primer, foundation, or used as a highlighter on the high points ((or everywhere lol)) of your face!

THE PACKAGING: Housed in a gorgeous frosted glass bottle with a chrome pump – the same packaging as his coconut face primer.

THE SHADE: ‘Dew You?’ is definitely liquid gold. There’s no color shift, just pure gold. Fair/light skinned babes, do NOT be afraid of this shade. It looks majestic on my NC15 skin tone.

THE FORMULA: It doesn’t smell like coconut to me, but definitely smells beachy! This liquid highlighter is thicker in consistency than a lot of the other liquid highlighters on the market. As the name implies, it’s almost gel like. It’s easily blendable for an all over glow! As it dries down, it truly adheres to your skin. This is the ‘liquid lipstick’ of liquid highlighters – it doesn’t budge! I’ve worn this over foundation but under powder highlighter, and it gives the most gorgeous base without disturbing my foundation.

THE PRICE: $44.00 for .8oz

FINAL THOUGHTS: While the price is high compared to other liquid highlighters on the market, you’re paying for the lux packaging and brand name. I reallllllllly like that the product doesn’t move nor does it move my foundation or the powders placed on top of it. I don’t have any other pure golden liquid highlighters so this baby is the perfect addition to my growing Marc Jacobs and liquid highlighter collection!


6 thoughts on “Marc Jacobs Dew Drops – Coconut Gel Highlighter WITH SWATCHES!

  1. This looks so beautiful , you are making it so hard not to buy it 🤣. Plus you can never go wrong with Marc Jacobs all the products that I’ve tried from his line have been amazing.

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